IoT Stream Processing

Introduction of Wide Area Data Collection Infrastructure (Mobile SINET) and SINETStream

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Big data generated by numerous indoor and outdoor IoT devices must be securely analyzed in real-time to create various innovative services. SINET allows the construction of an end-to-end isolated HPC and IoT environment using VPN over mobile and wired networks. SINETStream is a software library that enables the easy development of secure and efficient IoT applications over the environment.

Mobile Network for IoT Applications by SINET

Mobile SINET
Fig.1. Overview of Mobile SINET.

SINETStream: Software Library for IoT Applications

Fig.2. SINETStream overview.
Fig.3. Relationship between SINETStream, message brokers and stream processing platforms.

Support for Android: SINETStream Android

SINETStream Use Cases

Secure online video processing

video processing
Fig.5. Secure online video processing.

Collection of Sensor Data from Android Smartphones

android app
Fig.6. Android sensor data collection.

Environment monitoring live demo

live demo
Fig.7. Android sensor data collection.

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